WHOLE FOODS supports DidiArt Angels

DidiArt Angels volunteer artists by the invitation of Laura Hall; Marketing Team Leader, are exhibiting our 2012 Spring/Summer themed paintings at the Cafe Gallery in the Union Square Store.  As Team Leader, Laura presented us with a WHOLE FOODS GIFT CARD to purchase lunch for our volunteer artists while doing our free murals.  Please check out the WHOLE FOODS WEBSITE:                                                                                            Our volunteer artists are:  Mike Jodry; Tara Macolino, Tiffany Adams, Jackie Adams,

Nicole McClue, Eileen Cassidy and Didi D’Errico.

           The Spring 2013 Exhibit at Union Square

Carl, Stephanie Long; Marketing Team Leader,Tiffany, Jackie, Mike and Lindsay Birch with her two children

Newest artist, Arielle Jessop

Opening Day Exhibit, Carl, Eileen, Tara, Tiffany, Jackie, Nicole, DidiArt Angels V.P. Judy Cole & Didi

Spring/summer 2012

Carl D’Errico, Treasurer of DidiArt Angels,

receiving the WHOLE FOODS gift card from Laura Hall, Marketing Team Leader.

Jackie Adams and Tiffany Adams

Eileen Cassidy and Mike Jodry

Didi D’Errico

Tara Macolino and Nicole McClue

Carl and Judy flanked by our favorite Commercials A. D. Kevin Burke and his wife Amy

DidiArt Angels volunteer artists group

with Laura Hall of WHOLE FOODS

Carl and Didi