Thunder Bay Food Bank - Ontario, Canada

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REGIONAL FOOD DISTRIBUTION ASSOCIATION of Northwestern Ontario is an amazing organization who partners with THE UNITED WAY of Thunder Bay, The Thunder Bay INDIAN FRIENDSHIP CENTRE and the DISTRICT OF SOCIAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION BOARD among other generous supporters who help with food banks,

shelters and feeding programs.  “THE ART OF GIVING”  is a fundraiser for the RFDA.

DidiArt Angels is very proud to donate our paintings to “THE ART OF GIVING” food bank

Chaired by MARILYN CHICOINE.  Marilyn is a brilliant artist who is involved in serving

her community with many different volunteer projects. The galas go on all year round.  

The theme of the 2009 artwork fundraiser  is "Winter Scenes".  Marilyn has joined DidiArt Angels as a contributing artist.

Nereida Martinez: "Cold Day On The Bridge"

Mike Jodry:  "By Way Of Medicine Hat"

Francesca Picone:  "Winter From My Window"

Dan Gliubizzi:  "Flying As Spaces Not As Objects"

Jackie Adams:  "Snow Beach"

Claudia Julian:  "Snow Fox I & II

Didi D'Errico:  "Winter Bird Bath"

Nereida Martinez:  "Bunny In The Woods"