The Pajama Program

N.J. Chapter,  Geri Schleich President

    photos by:  Geri, Denise, Didi,                 

    Debbie and Nereida  

GERI SCHLEICH, NJ Chapter President of the PAJAMA PROGRAM and volunteer Denise Violand needed a mural.  KAREN ETCOFF, our DIDIART ANGELS director of Communications & Board Member, is a contributor to the PAJAMA PROGRAM and brought us together in Middletown, NJ.  

Our DIDIART ANGELS volunteer artists, TONY POLIZZI,  JACKIE ADAMS,  FRANCESCA PICONE,  DEBBIE VIOLA,  NEREIDA MARTINEZ and DIDI D’ERRICO went to work.   A big thank you to FELIX CARDOZO our volunteer driver and everyone involved for majamaking this a very successful proje, ct for children!

DidiArt Angel artists collaborated to make this a fun room for the kids

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