Rockland County DA

Didiart Angels donated paintings for the new building housing the

Rockland County DA Domestic Crimes Bureau.

      DA Thomas Zugibe,  Asst. DA Patricia Gunning along with detective Mary Murphy

and their dedicated and caring co-workers do a great job helping the victims and making them feel as comfortable as possible under frightening circumstances.  

        We at DidiArt Angels helped to ease the atmosphere with specially chosen subjects in our paintings for both the victims and the staff.  


DidiArt Angels volunteer artists Mike Jodry and Didi D’Errico,(3rd & 4th from left) were happy to deliver donated artwork from our artist volunteers to Rockland County DA Thomas Zugibe, Assistant DA Patricia Gunning, Jen, Detective Mary Murphy and staff in front of the new building that will service the special victims of Domestic violence, children, elderly, disabled and special needs.

Didi D’Errico  “Wildflowers and Strawberries”  3‘ x 4’ on canvas

Marilyn Chicoine    “Blue Jay”  16” x 22” on canvas

Mike Jodry  “Waterfalls”  24” x 24” on canvas

Claudia Julian  “Petunia & Samson”  24” x 24” on canvas

Tara Macolino “Frog and Lotus” 24” x 24” on canvas

Lindsay Birch “Bluebird & Spigot”  24” x 24” on canvas

Debbie Viola  Long Island Artist of the Year,  Last 10 Years

                      “Ocean”   24” x 24”  on canvas

Lindsay Birch  “Beach Scene”  24” x 24” on canvas