American Cancer Society

On April 10th, 2008, Karen Radwin, Senior Managing Executive for HOPE LODGE and her Executive Assistant, Lillibet Irizarry, honored DidiArt Angels with a beautiful reception, giving us certificates from THE AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY for contributing our paintings to this amazing place where cancer patients stay for free while receiving medical treatment in NYC.

Karen who's heart is filled with love and dedication along with her assistant, Lillibet, is perfect to head this fantastic "home away from home" for these patients.  It is an honor to be a part of HOPE LODGE and we feel connected to them for the wonderful work they do and will continue to work with Karen in any capacity that should be asked of us.  

We want to acknowledge our artists who received certificates and were not able to attend:

Francesca Picone, Anthony Polizzi, Azariah Solomon and Debbie Viola.  We also want to thank our Board Members: Dr.Peter Halper, Karl Schroeder, and songwriter Carl D'Errico who played the piano for the residents, our Vice President, Judy Cole, along with DAA’s Volunteer Psychologist & donor Dr. Jill Thistlethwaite, and donors Alma Varvaro, Aslam Sheik & Edna Kornberg.   A good time was had by all!

Lillibet Irizarry, Didi D'Errico & Karen Radwin, Senior Managing Executive for HOPE LODGE


DidiArt Angels artists:  Jessica Rachlin, Didi D'Errico,

Nereida Martinez, Jackie Adams, Mike Jodry & Claudia Julian.

Karen RADwin Senior Managing Executive (above)

of HOPE LODGE & DIDI D’ERRICO President (below)

of DidiArt Angels (below) speaking at the Reception

DidiArt Angel artist and HOPE LODGE resident, Stephanie Bode with DidiArt Angels Board of Directors Member, Dr. Peter Halper.

DidiArt Angels Board Member, Karl Schroeder, his wife, Vice President, Judy Cole, Didi and Board Members,  Dr. Peter Halper and Carl D'Errico.

Board Member Karl Schroeder, a guest, Barbara Bono, Vice President Judy Cole and donor Edna Kornberg

Michael Jodry with his Central Park painting of

"HOPE LODGE Street" in the lobby reception area.

Carl D'Errico and Artist/Musician, Mike Jodry performing for the patients and guests at the HOPE LODGE reception

Donors, Alma Varvaro and  Dr. Jill Thistlethwaite with Didi

DidiArt Angels artists Tiffany Adams & her mother, Jackie Adams

Donor Aslam Sheik, Jessica Rachlin, her

adorable daughter and donor Alma Varvaro

Artist Jessica Rachlin, with daughter Paige and

husband, Pediatrician Dr. Joseph Accepta

Carl D'Errico, with Didi's flower painting, singing his songs for the patients

Karen Radwin Senior Managing Executive, her assistant

Lillibet Irizarry  with artists Didi D'Errico, Mike Jodry,

Claudia Julian & Board Member & songwriter, Carl D'Errico

             Reception for DAA at Hope Lodge

         132 West 32nd Street, NYC, NY 10001