In 2011,    Didi D’Errico designed a positive Message Tree Mural for P S 7.

DidiArt Angel artists volunteers for these murals are:

Mike Jodry; Tara Macalino, Eileen Cassidy, Tiffany Adams, Jackie Adams, Nicole McClue, Carla Snow, Didi D’Errico, Jessica Mafia and Tamara Tucci.

The MessageTree on the first floor

Designed by Didi D’Errico

              WINTER                                    SPRING                                   SUMMER                                FALL

                                             Now they can “daydream” through the seasons in their room.                                   

The hallway outside the music room on the first floor

Designed by Tara Macolino & Didi D’Errico

The Waterfall on the 4th floor

Designed by Mike Jodry & Didi D’Errico

Principal Talati, with Didi, Mike, Jackie,Tiffany and Eileen who painted the MESSAGE TREE

Mike, Nicole, Tiffany, Jackie, Eileen, Didi, Tara and Carla who painted the  WATERFALL

Eileen.Carla.Tara and Mike working on the Musical Mural

Samuel Stern School

          PS/MS 7