Mermaid Room

The little triage room at Mt. Sinai's Ped/ER needed to connect to the marine mural next door.  

TONY POLIZZI painted a mermaid on the door making it a perfect fit connecting the two murals.

MIKE JODRY, CLAUDIA JULIAN and I worked some ideas.  Claudia and Mike designed most of the room.  Volunteer artists, Mike, Claudia, Nereida Martinez, Tony and I are very happy to have made our "healing art" a reality for the kids.  

A big thank you to our volunteer driver, FELIX CARDOZO!  

Thanks so much everyone!   DIDI D'ERRICO

Mike Jodry and Dr. Ari Cohen with Mike's playful penguins.

Tony Polizzi’s Mermaid for the kids

Mike's fantastic penguin playground &

happy fish is sure to distract the kids!

Claudia's fun penguins for the kids

Nereida Martinez's fur seal & bears

Claudia, Nereida, Mike, Dr. Cohen & Didi

Claudia's puffins with Didi's flowers at their feet

Didi's turtle & waterfall corner & flowers