photos by Carl  D'Errico

Sports Room

  Lauren Rudolph, Dr. Kevin McSherry,    

        Artists: Azariah Ben-Solomon &               Francesca  Picone Tania Corse,

             Didi  & Lauren (below)  

         Didi's Ready for Action Hockey Player

Lauren's field and plane

Lauren's field and plane

  Dr. Ari Cohen, Asst. Dir. of Ped/ER, Didi


Francesca's cool skate board

Dr. Karin Sadow,  Dir. of Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine with her adorable children.

Dr. Sadow has been a driving force behind          

our new murals in the Pediatric ER

Tania's Magical locker and skate boarders

        Stephanie Strong of

      RainLake Productions

   Dr. Ilene Willets, Asst. Professor of Emergency Medicine with Judy & Karl

Azariah's Happy Cheerleader, with hers, Francesca's & Nereida's Playing field

Didi D’Errico

All of the artists are on this team!   Lauren designed the field.