A visit to the Pediatric Emergency Department (PED) can be a stressful time for a sick or hurt child, you and for the entire family. Child Life Specialists are present to assist your family through the process and provide emotional support.

They may be able to provide art materials, books, bubbles, toys, games, cards, laptop computers and video games to help normalize the hospital experience and make the waiting pass more easily. 

Child Life Specialists also educate the family about any upcoming procedures your child may experience. They may do this using pictures to illustrate each step, or with a cloth doll and play medical equipment to model helpful coping and relaxation skills. 

Child Life Specialists are available Monday through Thursday from 12pm-10pm with additional weekend hours to support patients and families through their visit. You can advocate for Child Life services by asking a nurse to page the scheduled Child Life Specialist.

There have been some exciting additions to the PED! There is a new fish tank in the waiting area - full of colorful sea life to calm and distract children while they wait for a doctor. A flat screen TV has been mounted on the wall in the waiting area to broadcast children's movies and Mount Sinai 's KidZone TV. To help pass the time while patients receive breathing treatments in the asthma room, a large flat screen TV / DVD player has been installed! 

All of the exam rooms have received a face lift, thanks to Didi Art Angels, a local non-profit organization that paints child-friendly murals on hospital walls. What room will your child be in? It could be The Zoo Room, the Sports Room, the Pet Shop Room, or the Beach Room. Does your child like to read? Children can choose a book or magazine from either the book cart in the waiting area or by the nurse's station inside the PED.


The PED has also received generous donations of crayon packs, coloring books, stickers and fun bandages. Our staff makes sure that all children have an opportunity for some of these helpful items.

Donations of new crayons, stickers, fun bandages and art materials are always needed and appreciated! We also accept gently used toys, games, age appropriate DVDs, books and magazines. 

Please leave a message for Jessa Carey at 212.241.1384 if you would like to contribute.