Garden Room

Dr. Ari Cohen, Director of Operations, Ped/Er Medicine & Anna Eckhardt, Child Life Specialist asked us to transform Exam Room #4 into a comforting environment for children needing OB/GYN services.  We designed a Garden Room to help them relax during anxious medical procedures.  Photos taken by our web designer and Angel Helper, Carl D'Errico.

DidiArt Angels first day:  Jackie, her daughter Tiffany, Nereida, Azariah, Lisa, Connie, Francesca and Didi.  Tiffany's sun, birds, sky & tree begin to form with Lisa's clouds & Azariah's flowers.

The "Before" look of Room #4

Connie painting her special doorway with a calming road, while Azariah's willow tree and flowers peek through adding to the calmness.

Azariah and Connie happily at work painting for the children.

Debbie painting her beautiful flowers on the stone road. As a team we covered every part of the room with our "healing" art for the kids.

Angels at work:  Stephanie and her bird bath, Francesca 's gazebo and park bench with Nereida's birds & butterflies.  You can feel the love emanating.

Didi, Nereida & Connie with some of the great staff of

Mt. Sinai's Ped/Er in our finished garden.

Jackie's beautiful tree & flower garden mixed in with Debbie's flowers.

Tiffany's beautiful tree & hedges with Nereida's birds and butterflies and Lisa's sky.

Azariah's comforting, beautiful, graceful willow tree.

Didi & Jackie’s Garden above/below

Nereida, Didi and nurse Susan Anne Smith.

Nicos Benjamin hangs our ceiling tiles

Francesca’s gazebo. We all worked together with love in our hearts to make this Garden Room project for the children