More Ceiling Tiles

Mt. Sinai's Triage MERMAID ROOM in the Pediatric Er has newly painted ceiling tiles by artists Claudia Julian & Mike Jodry who were joined by DAA's "Little Angel" Loren Volpert with her painted ceiling tile. (see "Little Angel" page).

Dr. Ari Cohen, Director of Operations, Pediatric Emergency Medicine at Mt. Sinai, Judy Cole, VP, Board Members Karl Schroeder and Carl D'Errico, photographer, web site designer and artist Didi D'Errico delivered the tiles to Dr. Cohen along with Barry and Teri Volpert, Lauren's proud parents.

Mike Jodry and Claudia Julian's connecting ceiling tiles.  

Claudia Julian's geese.

Dr. Ari Cohen, Judy Cole, Karl Schroeder, Mike Jodry,

Claudia Julian with Teri, Barry and Lauren Volpert

and the beautiful ceiling tiles.

Carl, Didi, Ari, Judy, Karl, Mike, Claudia,Teri, Lauren and Barry.


Claudia, Mike, Lauren with her beautiful sunny

ceiling tile, Didi and Dr. Ari Cohen

Dr. Ari Cohen, artists Mike Jodry, Claudia Julian with

DAA'S Little Angel Artist Lauren Volpert and their

fantastic ceiling tiles.