Little Angel

DidiArt Angels is proud to mentor young artist Lauren Volpert who at 11 years old, came to us in 2007 and painted a pug for the PET SHOP room.  In her second year with DAA, she painted a fun sun tile for the triage MERMAID ROOM.  In 2010 Lauren painted a beautiful seagull for the MARINE ROOM.  Lauren is a talented artist with a compassionate heart giving to the children in the Ped/Er of Mt. Sinai Medical Center.

Lauren with her “Mother Goose” tile, 2011

Dr. Adam Vella, Didi, Teri Volpert with Lauren’s “Mother Goose” tile for the Mt. Sinai Ped/ER

Lauren’s seagull in the MARINE ROOM

Lauren in Didi’s studio 2010, painting her seagull for the MARINE ROOM

Dr. Adam Vella, Director of the Ped/Er, Nicos Benjamin, Mike Jodry,    Tiffany Adams, Lauren, her mother,Teri Volpert and Didi

Congratulations on your second year with DAA's art mentoring program.  A job well done Lauren!

Lauren's first tile "Pablo the Pug" painted in February of 2007.

Carl D'Errico, Didi, Dr. Ari Cohen, Judy Cole, Karl Schroeder,

artists, Mike Jodry, Claudia Julian, with their beautiful

ceiling tiles.  Teri and Barry Volpert with their daughter Lauren and her happy adorable sun tile.



Lauren on her first day painting with Didi in her studio in February 2007.

DidiArt Angels Board Members with Lauren at Mt. Sinai's Pediatric ER.

Karl Schroeder, Judy Cole VP, Carl D'Errico,  Anna Eckhardt, Child Life Specialist, holding Tony Polizzi's painted ceiling tile of "Kiera Kitten", Dr. Ari Cohen, Director of Operations,  Lauren & her mother, Teri Volpert.