LINDSAY BIRCH, brilliant designer of this groundbreaking mural, parent and artist was inspired by the children.  Book pages made it realistic or fantastical: She incorporated the name of the school with a perfect lighthouse character who would travel the world with amazing adventures, meet friends, learn and grow to feel anything is possible.  The 3D ideas were for the visually impaired children to be able to interact with the mural by feeling, touching and moving the art around.  

Artist volunteers: Nicole McClue, Teresa Song, Principal, Joanne Shen, Alice Hsu and Lindsay Birch; designer/artist

Lindsay perusing her ideas, Alice, Principal Joanne and Nicole McClue

Lindsay, Didi D’Errico and Eunyce Kim

Nicole, Joanne and Alice at work, Lindsay and Joanne, Lindsay, Didi and Joanne

1.     Principal Joanne and Didi

     2.     Alice and Joanne

     3.     Joanne and Lindsay

     4.     Didi, Lindsay and Joanne

Closeups of the interactive mural