Ceiling Tiles

NY Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Ctr

                 Mt Sinai Medical Ctr

    Our ceiling tiles are painted specifically to distract the children while they undergo medical procedures.


NY Presbyterian  

Dr. Shari Platt: Chief, Div. of Ped/ER Medicine & CourtneyTeicher:    Child Life Specialist hold onto Tania's fun Coney Island scenes

IN GOOD HANDS:  Azariah's dolphin, Didi's sneakers & Lisa's

NY scene delivered to Dr. Shari Platt & Courtney Teicher

Azariah's sweet Dolphin

Didi's Sneakers

Lisa's "fun" New York

Didi's Parrots

Lisa's Koala Bears

Nereida's Unicorns

Tara's Happy Moon & Cloud kids

Didi with her fun animals

Mt Sinai Marine Room

This adorable Sea Horse is there for the kids to ponder while being treated medically

Tony painted these fantastic ceiling tiles for the kids

Friendly dolphins with a cute gold fish

greet the children from the ceiling

Mt Sinai Pet Shop Room

Tony's "Keira" Kitten


Mt Sinai Sports Room

Didi's roller skaters

Francesca's catchers mitt.  Good catch!

Azriah's "striking" bowling pins!

Mt. Sinai Garden Room

Didi's welcoming squirrel

Didi's bird with watering can - the kids can "feel" the "streams of water"

Nereida's blue bird and butterflies

photos by Carl D'Errico