Brooklyn DA

Crimes Against Children Bureau

         DA Charles J. Hynes

DidiArt Angels volunteer artists are proud to be part of the new BROOKE JACKMAN LIBRARY, working with BOOKS FOR KIDS for District Attorney, Charles J. Hynes, CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN BUREAU.

Welcoming our work was Chief Executive Assistant D.A. Ama Dwimoh who welcomed us with a very moving speech regarding the need for our mural.

Claudia Julian, Mike Jodry and Didi, designed the mural.  Artists Nereida,Tiffany and Nicole added their input with DAA artist Francesca Picone who painted THE BOOKS FOR KIDS logo.

Our artist volunteers, were welcomed by Mr. Hynes and his compassionate staff.

We want to mention, Mary Faldich, Assistant Counsel, Melissa Palmaccio, Paralegal Supervisor,

Brenda Campbell, Rosalie Cenatiem and Pam who made this project such a loving mission for us.

Along with Erin Jackman, they accomplish their mission while keeping alive the memory of Erin’s sister Brooke who passed in the 9/11 tragedy.  And a thank you to Saber Mostafa for getting us to the certificate ceremony.

Rick Viton, Vice Chair, BOOKS FOR KIDS Board & Shawna Hamilton Doster, Chair.Chief Executive Assistant D.A. Ama Dwimoh, DidiArt Angels Board Member & Web Master, Carl D’Errico, Artists Mike Jodry, Tiffany Adams, Nereida Martinez, and Nicole McClue.                                                          Front row:  DidiArt Angels Vice President Judy Cole, District Attorney Charles J. Hynes with artist & President Didi D’Errico, at the Certificate of Appreciation Breakfast.

Our special DidiArt Angels mural for the children

Members of the BROOKE JACKMAN FOUNDATION, Mrs. Jackman, Mike, Didi, Erin Jackman, Nereida, Raissa from BOOKS FOR KIDS and Ama Dwimoh of the CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN BUREAU.

Nereida Martinez, DidiArt Angels VP Judy Cole, her husband and Board Member Karl Schroeder, Carl and Didi D’Errico with DidiArt Angels Master Artist Mike Jodry.

Didi & Carl

Nicole, Nereida, Raissa, Mike, Shawna & Rick of BFK, Ama Dwimoh ,Chief Exec Asst DA, Cathy Dagonese, Bureau Chief, Tiffany and Didi in the new BROOKE JACKMAN BOOKS FOR KIDS LIBRARY at the CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN BUREAU, Charles J. Hynes,  Kings County District Attorney’s Office.

Mike & Didi, with Melissa Palmaccio, Brenda Campbell, Rosalie Cenatiem. Back row, Nereida with Mary Faldich from the District Attorney’s CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN BUREAU.

A very special thank you to Saber Mostafa, our

friend, who drove us to the DA’ s Office to collect our Certificates of Appreciation from DA Charles J. Hynes.